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Announcing TexasDowntown.com, a new online real estate community that brings together everything related to the popular new urban lifestyle movement.

The projected live date for the new on-line brokerage model is TBD sponsoring brokerage and also includes integration with the TexasGulfCoastOnline.com network for vacation homes.

The Modern New Urban Metro Movement
Many different words are used to describe the new way of life that is moving back towards the center of our great cities:
  • Downtown,
  • Uptown,
  • Inner Loop,
  • Metro Living,
  • New Urbanism,
  • Smart Communities,
  • Green Living,
  • Sustainable Growth

and more, yet we simply call it "Downtown" to make it easy to remember, yet no matter what name you want to use, Downtown is an exciting place to live, shop, work and play!

The new site brings together all the relevant properties available from the Texas MLS systems, new development projects, market analysis, photos, videos, news - and an interactive community to add your voice to the conversation and learn about this exciting new way of life.

For the first time, apples-to-apples comparisons are available for all the high-end real estate in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin Texas.
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